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Attendees Relate "Awesome" SEEK2015 Experience

The students, Leaders, Faculty, and Laity from Memphis and the Mid-South who attended the SEEK2015 conference in Nashville returned today deeply inspired by the leadership event.

CBU at SEEK2.png

Lumen Civitatis, as a result of the generosity of a multitude of local donors, was able to send about 25 students to Nashville from Christian Brothers University, Rhodes College, and the University of Memphis, thanks to scholarships that helped partially offset the expense of the trip. Also attending were four of the brothers from CBU and campus ministry leaders at the U of M and Rhodes.

"It was a GREAT set of events, and most organized," said Brother Dominic Ehrmantraut from the Office of Mission at CBU. "To see nearly 10,000 students and faculty, both religious and lay, was awesome!"

Lumen Civitatis is a strong proponent of the mission of FOCUS, which has a strong presence at college campuses across the United States and offers a robust evangelization platform to campus ministries. SEEK offers students a powerful experience over a 5-day program that includes liturgy, worship, fellowship, and speakers. Lumen Civitatis finds the FOCUS approach to be exemplary of its own Leadership component of its vision.

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