"Light of the City"

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Christ is the light of Memphis.  Can you help us continue our mission?

  • Lumen Civitatis is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support and promote Catholic education, culture, and leadership in Memphis, Tennessee

  • Lumen Civitatis is listed in the Official Catholic Directory as a recognized Catholic organization in the United States as approved by the Bishop of the Diocese of Memphis

  • Since our founding, several hundred donors contributed to our efforts to bring the best Catholic speakers to Memphis

  • All of the funds we collect go toward our programming.  Our administrative costs are very low as we are a volunteer effort.  So you can be confident that every dollar you contribute will help bring another great Catholic program to the city of Memphis.

  • Our city of Memphis needs the light of Christ, so we need your help.

How Can You Help?  

If you prefer to send a donation by mail, our address is

Lumen Civitatis

P.O. Box 771692

Memphis, TN 38177-1692

Lumen Civitatis thanks you for your prayers and your support.

Photos courtesy of Karen Pulfer Focht

Musicians from the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and Chorus on stage beneath the cross of San Damiano at the Day of Joy sponsored by Lumen Civitatis and the Magnificat Foundation.